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December 12, 2023

Free to Love God

You were born to worship and you do worship. What is on your mind all the time is your idol; it is what you adore. But you need to adore Jesus Christ. So we’ve established that you will give your heart, soul, mind, and strength to something—and that is worship. In fact, you could even call it addiction. But, again, you were born to do this, so, actually, being addicted is normal. And I am not asking you not to be addicted. I am asking you to be addicted to something that can love you back, and there is only One who can do that—our heavenly Father through Jesus Christ, His Son...
December 13, 2023

One Thing to Focus On

This is all about a relationship with God. A controlling person has a relationship with themselves. They know every detail about themselves, and their mind is constantly returning to thinking about what they need. Their mouths and conversations will invariably return to talking about themselves and their wants, their needs, their desires. With each passing year, the dieter is more in love with the food and less in love with God...
December 17, 2023

A Beautiful Relationship of Love for God

Do you watch the feet of Jesus and concentrate on what He did? He always spoke the truth in love and stayed busy in Kingdom work every day, not caring about what naysayers thought but only what the needs of the people were. Christ lost Himself in God and now has right-hand recognition and position and power...