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March 21, 2023
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March 23, 2023

A Delightful Menu

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God wants us to taste and enjoy all kinds of foods, including desserts, because it lets you know just how giving and delightful He really is. Delightful foods should have shown you who God is! However, modern medicine and harsh, tasteless dieting rules make God out to be a legalistic torturer who wants you to live an austere life. What a crime against the Creator of all good things and enjoyable times. The Scriptures say He made wine to cheer the heart of man. He is, in fact, the opposite of austere and distant…God is near and He is interactive, lavish, and He sanctions the foods that He programmed your taste buds to enjoy.

This rigid doctrine is a crime against God. It has kept people from pursuing a close relationship with Him. This guilt-ridden training flows over into every area of your life, for example, shopping or dressing. The puritanical teaching promotes a god who does not want you to buy the clothes you adore, so therefore you do not pray or take Him with you as a consultant shopping. Yet the truth is…your Heavenly Father is the topmost clothing authority. I pray daily, and He brings combinations of clothes to mind, and it saves so much time.

Since dieting has convinced you that God does not want you to eat chips and dip, He is not invited as a guest at the table. But the truth is…God is a good dresser, shopper, chef, athlete, teacher, doctor, contractor, architect, auto mechanic, and entrepreneur. There is nothing He cannot help with and solve for you.


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