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March 22, 2023
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God is the Ultimate Provider
March 24, 2023

How to Let Go of Your Fears

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We are often scared that God will not provide enough for us…Yet, we pamper ourselves so much that we do not even give God a chance. He would like us to wait for emptiness so He can delight us with the new Mexican restaurant for supper—but He cannot because we decided to eat through the whole bag of stale chips this afternoon. We decided on our indulgence and grabbed it and swallowed it in such a hurry that we could not enjoy it—all because we felt guilt and had fear that someone would see us. You have come to believe the lie that if no one sees you eat the food that it does not count, or even that God cannot see it. In fact, secret eating allows you to eat more. God got squeezed out of our lives as we were afraid to wait on Him or look to Him because we were afraid that He was opposed to our natural likes and dislikes, so we became the private eater and we became the controller of the times we eat. We try to provide for ourselves; we are on our own and bad decision makers.

Think about it this way…do you not delight in your children? And what is more fun than introducing a delicious food and watching their faces light up? How much more does the Heavenly Father wish to match your taste buds to His fabulous recipes? He knows where all the best bites are on the plate. When you are shopping, God knows where the best prices are, and when you learn to look to Him, pray and wait on Him for something—sometimes within days of obeying and waiting for God, the object appears as a gift. These experiences bring you to a comprehension of a personal God, and all of your concerns start to diminish. Faith and peace will rush back into your life.


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