Join the Weigh Down Closed Facebook Group!

Join the Weigh Down Closed Facebook Group

Get daily motivation from the Weigh Down staff and meet others who are experiencing weight loss success!


  • Receive extra support from Weigh Down Facebook Staff and fellow participants.
  • Godly Fellowship – There are 10,000 people that have the same goal as you. You are on this journey together!
  • Get your questions answered quickly.
  • Learn more about Weigh Down and how it works
  • Inspiration! Others’ testimonies will inspire you to go all the way!
  • Chat with a staff member- on the page or through private messenger.
  • Privacy – this is a closed group so you can feel free to share.
  • Learn more about resources. Which ones are right for you?
  • Facebook Group Class Chats are hosted on this page during the week. Join a class and participate in a group class. So much fun!
  • Get insider links to Facebook rallies (see videos of these rallies below)
  • Live Q & A’s with founder, Gwen Shamblin
  • Special discounts on events and the Weigh Down Store for Facebook Group Members
  • Guidelines:

  • We ask that you do not post links to outside sources.  We feel that we cannot vouch for every ministry, song, or person that is linked to; so, in order to protect the members, we ask that you keep your posting to Weigh Down materials and sources.
  • No soliciting business.  If you are a business owner, and you are looking for new clients as a motive, this is not the page to join.  
  • Joining is as SIMPLE as 1-2-3: You will be prompted to answer 3 questions:  name, email and how you found Weigh Down.  When the staff sees your 3 answered questions, you are added!