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April 18, 2023

The Secret to Lasting Weight Loss

The best things to fill your time and mind with are selfless things. Jesus Christ spent His life focusing on the will of God. All other preoccupations could send you right back into self and selfish desires...
April 20, 2023

Man-Made Rules Do Not Work

There are many reading this post whose dependency or unwanted habit is a substance other than food. If you will notice, somehow, someway, the dark lord of this world has worked in man-made regulations for cures in every generation that range from bloodletting using leeches to inversion therapy - hanging upside down...
April 21, 2023

Why Diets will Never Work, Part I

The temptation is strong for the U.S. diet industry to push special foods since that is the bulk of their sales; and for other weight loss programs, new diet drugs, exercise regimens, and surgeries, the income is in services. The industry brings in north of 60 billion dollars per year some of this spending going toward not only diet foods but diet sodas—and their celebrity supporters are paid millions...