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Weigh Down Revolution
The Pain of the Past
September 22, 2022
Weigh Down Revolution
The Time is Now
September 24, 2022

Direction from Within

Weigh Down Revolution

Now you know there is no more white-knuckling it—but rather direction from within. Thru prayer and reaching out in surrender, you will finally connect that if you eat one more bite, you are going to be in pain. Now, stopping when you are full is more obtainable because of the fear of the pain of the past. In time and with repetition, your memory overrides the evil desire. Do you see the difference? The source of your self-control comes from within. Instead of “I have to just stop eating this,” it is “I do not want it anymore because it hurts.” This is the beginning of the end. Look how different you are. No longer do you blame God, your metabolism, your mother, your spouse or your circumstances. So much good has come from your previous WeighDown classes. You used to want to crawl in bed and cry yourself to sleep, but now you are different—no more self-pity or depression. God loves you, and He has done a mighty work inside of you. It is more powerful because you are not just going to take a WeighDown class and walk away—you know down deep that a foot cannot say to a hand, “I have no need of you” (I Corinthians 12:15-21)…you have already tried that and now you have the chance to join up with an Army of praying, God-fearing Saints seeking His will for their day, and that is going to make a huge difference.

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