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March 17, 2023
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March 19, 2023

How to Feed Your Family

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First of all, your family is going to love this way of eating. Regular foods forever! You may worry that if every family member eats on demand, you will become a short-order cook. What is more, you may be concerned that family members might never eat together again. Do not worry—they will!

One fact you need to know to manage this is that you can, quite simply, skip hunger if you are waiting for the next meal time. Unlike what the world thinks, this is not painful. The empty sensation will last only ten minutes and will come back again in 45 minutes to an hour. Your body realizes that you cannot get to food, so it just mobilizes a snack off your hips and feeds your body cells with your stored fat! So if you feel hungry in the afternoon and do not want to ruin your evening meal, feel free to drink a non-caloric beverage and wait for dinner if you have weight you want to lose and are healthy.

What should you do if you ate a meal during a late afternoon business luncheon and you are not hungry when it is time for dinner with your family that night? Just sit down with the family and enjoy spending time with them.  More than likely, no one will even notice that you are not eating! You will be able to spend more time enjoying those around you!

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