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January 12, 2022

What Should I Drink for Weight Loss Success?

We suggest that you drink only non-caloric drinks, such as water, diet sodas, and artificially sweetened tea while you are learning how to sense the body’s needs. If you drink sugared tea or sodas, milk, fruit juice, or sports drinks throughout the day, the glucose or the sugar from them will keep your blood sugars up, the result being somewhat like an IV bag in the hospital...
January 13, 2022

The Key to Good Health

The Genius Biochemist designed the body in such a brilliant way! We must pay attention like never before to all the internal cues and especially the hunger mechanism, since ignoring this is related to all major diseases and death...
January 14, 2022

How to Wait for True Hunger

We need to relearn how to feed the stomach only when it is hungry. You first need to wait - wait for true stomach hunger...
January 15, 2022

Waiting for a Growl

When your blood sugar drops, this is normal; the stomach walls produce hydrochloric acid, which makes the stomach growl or twist or feel empty. This is your signal! This is your one and only signal to eat...
January 16, 2022

You WILL Desire to Eat Less Food!

For overeaters, once you start swallowing regular foods only when your stomach growls, you will swallow or eat just one-half to one-third of what you used to swallow. The desire eating goes away...
January 17, 2022

It’s All About a Connection with God

Staying inside of God’s boundaries is the will of the Father, and in doing this, you are going to be connected. The biggest incentive for staying […]