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November 5, 2022

Relying on God

When you lean not to your own understanding but rather to God all day, expectations and anger go away.
November 6, 2022

How to Have Peace and a Grateful Heart

When we depend on God and Christ for all things every minute of the day—with any obstacles, with any oppositions, with any hardships—then we will not project and cause a problem by blaming others...
November 7, 2022

Spreading His Light to Others

Having a new life—this dependence, this love, this turning to God and obeying Him—covers the first four of the Ten Commandments. With these foundational characteristics in place, you may leave your bedroom. You are now ready to open up the door and face the world, ready to put into practice the last six of the Ten Commandments and be a glorious, successful light to all men on Earth...
November 8, 2022

More on How to Have the Perfect Day

The morning is the time for thoughtful quietness. After a night that has been dark and quiet, it takes time to gear up for light and sound and noise. And family members are waking up and spending time in prayer, so you have to be respectful. Remember to do to others as you would have them do to you...
November 9, 2022

You CAN Do It!

Why is this time going to be different? Because God has prepared your heart. These last attempts are not for naught. God has used the successes and failures to program much information into your mind and soul that will give you victory this time. Thru repetition of God’s WeighDown, you will finally win with Christ...
November 10, 2022

No Worries about Weight or Food Ever Again

All that has happened to you on your journey is not for naught. God has been right there with you this entire time. You are not a failure. God is with you, and we are ready now for the next phase...