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April 16, 2022

You CAN Be Done With Sin

Just as there were early skeptics who thought pioneer aviators could not overcome the earth’s gravity, skeptics today do not believe that you can be done with sin...The skeptics say that you are wasting your time, you are arrogant, and you are dreaming. When you fall down, they gloat and mock, saying, "Well, what is the matter? I thought you could overcome sin." Skeptics exist inside AND outside the church building, and some even live with you...
April 15, 2022

The Treasures of a Relationship with God

God knows things that only you and He would know about—personal, secret, extremely special, private things. God knows the things that personally get our attention and that help us find Him...
April 14, 2022

Two Senses that Affect Weight Loss

Imagine being free of worrying about lusts, wealth, pride, praise of man—free of tobacco, alcohol, food, man-made food rules, and their impossible procedures. You are free to be devoted to Him, while enjoying His wonderful foods when your body is hungry - to eat like you did when you were a child...
April 13, 2022

Food is Not Your Friend

Food is not a good source of entertainment or a good escape from your problems or a good thing to fill up time—it is not a good thing to use to escape the fear of being bored, nor a good friend to take the place of relationships...
April 12, 2022

You Fall in Love with What You Focus on

There is a truth that is profound that God gave me early in this ministry, over 30 years ago. This one truth can set you free from all vices… You fall in love with what you focus on..
April 11, 2022

Reversing Your Focus

The transfer is everything. This old relationship with food or idols is over, and a new relationship with God will take its place. Food was the impetus to get out of bed in the past, and then it was your morning, noon, and night. Yet, it is a false god...