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July 31, 2022

Making the Choice

Control can be the biggest issue. The controller usually describes who is left in a situation where they cannot lose their weight...
November 12, 2022

No More Dieting!

Praise God that you will follow His will and eat regular foods for the rest of your life. When you deny God and what He has programmed inside of you, you will become ravenous again and lustful for food. On the other hand, you will wind up eating less when you are not dieting and no longer craving foods you have denied yourself that were programmed inside you by God...
November 15, 2022

The Night Lie, Part II

Yesterday, we discussed the Night Lie and the pressure that can come on suddenly in the evening to take care of yourself and fall for whatever temptation is put before you. Don’t fall for this pressure lie, whatever it is: you will not see the food again, you must eat before anyone sees you, you might not get this chance again, etc. You must say “no”...