Inspirational Writings from Gwen Shamblin Lara

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    A Delightful Menu
    God wants us to taste and enjoy all kinds of foods, including desserts, because it lets you know just how giving and delightful He really is...
March 13, 2023

A Life of No Worries

When you go in prayer to God in the name of Jesus Christ, without fretting or manipulating anything to make it happen, God will answer your prayer. Do not think this is necessarily slower; in fact, it could be faster. This builds your faith...
March 12, 2023

A Healthy Variety

One exercise I always suggest when someone starts in a Weigh Down seminar class is the chocolate (or your favorite binge food) test. This exercise will […]
March 11, 2023

A Quick Tip for Family Meals

What if you are at home and having family dinner, and you are halfway through your serving of casserole when that feeling hits you that you are no longer hungry...
March 10, 2023

Additional Eating Tips for Slowing Down

In the event that you are still fighting the battle of “but my mouth still wants some more,” you should try to be creative...
March 9, 2023

More Tips for Slowing Down

We talked about a few helpful tips for slowing down yesterday. Here are a few more that you can put into practice...
March 8, 2023

Helpful Tips for Slowing Down

Here are some helpful tips for slowing down so you can sense God’s lead during the meal...
March 7, 2023

A Practical Tip to End Emotional Eating

One practical thing to do with desire eating is to talk to the food and tell it that you are not going to answer to it anymore. You will not obey it when it calls your name from the kitchen cabinets or refrigerator...
March 6, 2023

How to Turn to God Instead of the Food

In my personal life, I cling to my Bible as I used to cling to my chocolate! I keep my eyes open, looking for the Father’s guidance everywhere...
March 5, 2023

How to Truly Fill Up Your Heart

One of the most practical things you can do with the desire eating feeling is to walk away from it and into a private room to talk to God...