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June 18, 2023
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June 20, 2023

How to Pass Your Tests with Food and Overeating

The main thing to focus on when you are struggling is obedience to God with hunger and fullness. When you are tempted to overeat, remember that eating too much wears you out. It robs you of your time, your finances, your relationships, your self-esteem—and puts a wedge between you and others. This food has not been a good “god” or a good friend at all. It has made you its slave, and it has demanded that you bow down to it all the time. You have been a slave to the food, and it has made you empty. Notice that you are still looking for a feeling to fill you up even after you have overeaten. But when you are tempted, just go into your room, get on your knees and pray, “O God, please help me pass this test. Help me to see that I CAN do this, and help me to set a great example for others. Help me to prove it to myself that I love You more than that food. Help me through this hour of testing. Please, O God, deliver me from this temptation and show me the Kingdom work You have planned for me to do tonight instead.” Then as you pray that, God will allow you to get distracted through those tempting hours, and you will look up and you will have made it through the nighttime hours! You will get to wake up the next morning and start your day over right and you will be so happy that you passed through your test!

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