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June 25, 2023
Listening to God All Hours of the Night and Day
June 27, 2023

Thank You, God

A prayer…

Father, we just praise Your holy name for letting us live today. Father, thank You for this opportunity to deny ourselves and to have more of You and less of our own way. Not our will but Yours be done, and therefore You are glorified and giving us this opportunity to have this relationship. Thank You, God, for this chance. Thank You for this opportunity. Thank You for this very day that we get to deny ourselves and tomorrow, Father. We just praise You because it’s so beautiful, and help all of those who are discouraged. Comfort them, God. Help them not to go to food for comfort. Help them to see that they can do this and for them to get right back up and eat less, focus less on the food and more on what You want. Help there to be a purging of all idols and a longing for a clinging to You and You alone. We love You God. Thank You for this life and thank You for this day. All this we pray through Jesus’ name. Amen.


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