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June 14, 2023
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June 16, 2023

Keeping it Simple

Weigh Down Revolution

Focusing on the growl is so important. There are no other choices, and you do not have any other things that you have to listen to. You do not have to find some special trick or gimmick…it is just the growl.

Everyone has had gimmicks and tricks. Maybe you refused to eat in the morning even if you had a growl. Your gimmicks made you dream about food. Your gim­micks have to go because they are making you obese, and the reason this happens is because gimmicks make you fall in love with the food. You panic for yourself. You panic that you are not going to get to the food. We must get back to the basics. We are going to wait for the growl, and then we are going to get exactly what we want to eat and we are going to tell ourselves, “I can eat this every time I growl for the rest of my life. And thank You, God. I can have this all the rest of my living days.” You do not need to be afraid of a certain food. You can still chop it up into small units, sip between bites and use all the tips you learned in Weigh Down Basics so you can slow down; then you look for that Way of Escape.

On one side, at the front end, we have the signs of hunger…and then a Way of Escape at the end. Your Way of Escape makes you feel so in tune to God—you found God Almighty. You found the Connection to Love, the Connection to the Universe, the Connection to being saved and living forever and ever and ever. And think about it…if you live forever and ever, if we do eat, whatever He is going to give us in Heaven is going to be better than any­thing we have ever had here on Earth.

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