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June 15, 2023
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June 17, 2023

Ending Dieting Gimmicks

Weigh Down Revolution

This one focus on waiting on God’s signals of hunger and fullness are essential. Your gimmicks have to go. They are making you dream of the food and are increasing your head hunger, and then making you eat when you have that head hunger in the evening. Then you wake up heavier the next day and you are going to feel panicked and return to dieting and all your gimmicks again. The next thing you know, you have not tuned in to hunger and fullness at all…you feel the guilt, and you lose that relationship. It makes you feel like giving up…you have opened up the door for satan to whisper into your ears. You are right back into that downward spiral of depres­sion, overeating, anger and not being nice to your spouse or controlling or worse. You are back into blaming the world and God and everything else— it is the opposite of having a relationship with God. One focus brings the relationship. The other focus sends you spiraling down and panics you. No panic. Your goal is the God-given growl that leads to a relationship with Him, to communication with Him, to plugging in to Him. That is your only goal.

Take time to write down what you need for momentum, your incentives—because in the midst of head hunger and those testing times, you need to remember every single incentive that you now have to never go backwards again.

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