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June 16, 2023
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June 18, 2023

How to Make the Transfer from a Focus on Food to God

When you diet, you are following man-made rules, because they are your rules. When you make that choice, you are not committed to following God or Christ because you are making the choice to follow man-made rules, and you cannot have it both ways.

When you feel an urge to eat and you are not hungry, it is hunger for God! Go to His Word or the WeighDown Facebook page or your class workbook. Do not hang out near food. Get it out of your purse, office, desk, and/or car. Do not depend on food.  Do not long for the food. Do not look for the food. Pray “God, clean up my mind.” Pray, “God, in the name of Jesus Christ, take away this nagging head hunger, this longing, and turn that back into a longing to be inside Your will and to have Your approval. Amen.”

The whole concept is that you are changing your lifestyle. Why? Dieting allows you to stay in love with the food. End the diet, and get under “God’s control,” and you will love God. That is the transfer

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