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June 20, 2023
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June 22, 2023

The Path to Freedom

What you focus on is everything. It is the answer for your emotional needs, your spiritual needs, your relational needs. Nothing but God can clean up your head and heart. However, there is more…down deep you have to be honest with yourself so you can tackle what is causing you pain in your life. You have turned to your stronghold or addiction for love, for comfort, for entertainment, and to take your pain away, an escape, a way to fill up your time. But here is the truth: God can do better than any indulgence or any addiction or any feeling you are getting from the world, hands down. Going to God is better than anything, and if you focus on God, you will fall in love with Him, and when you fall in love with Him, you will want to obey Him more and more every day, which will lead to a life filled with blessings, contentment and joy.

As you apply these Weigh Down principles, you will learn to recognize the difference between your normal, God-given desires and greed. Your mind will always wander to your false god. Identify it! This is the beginning of the end. Then when you feel the urge to run to that false god or that desire, instead run to God in any way you can find: take a walk, read the Bible, spend time with your spouse or children, listen to some uplifting music, send an encouraging text or call someone to lift them up, and always drop to your knees and ask for God’s direction and guidance. Be sure to connect with all of the available Weigh Down resources—watch WeighDown.TV, sign up for Weigh Down social media, and visit for more. It may be beneficial for you to find a friend to confide in who does not have the same stronghold you have. They may be able to help you learn the difference between what is “need” and what is “greed.”

God has programmed all of us to look for a feeling in this life. Up to this point, you have simply made a mistake by trying to fill yourself up with something from this Earth when what you really need is a relationship with God! Take a look around you—He is everywhere! You cannot help but fall in love with Him as you begin to realize the true freedom and love He offers you. You will fall in love with what you focus on, and just as you have fallen in love with something from the world, you truly can reverse that process and fall in love with God instead. You are about to experience the fulfilling love relationship with the Almighty God for which He created you!


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