This section pertains to questions we receive from those who are new to Weigh Down and just found us!  Click on the questions below for more information.

How do I download a purchased MP3?

See our download help page for more information.

What is my Connection Speed?

A connection speed, simply put is the speed at which your computer and our computer can connect and transmit data. The speed is measured in bits per second (bps).  Most cable and satellite connections can connect at 3Mbps or faster in most environments. Many other factors contribute to connection speeds from the quality to of wireless signals (if you using a wireless router) to other electrical devices.

We stream multiple speeds for both desktop/laptop and mobile devices. So any standard connection should be sufficient.  A higher speed connection like Cable or DSL is recommended for streaming, but most connections can receive our slower speeds.
Unsure of your connection speed, you can visit for a quick test.

What do I do if there is no sound at all?

If you are on the correct page for the webcast, the problem is most likely one of three things:

1) The sound settings on your computer may not be set properly.
2) The sound settings on the Media Player are set too low.
3) The volume control on your external speakers is set too low.

If the above three checks do not fix the problem, ensure you do not have an Internet firewall which may be blocking reception of our audio signals. If you are in a larger work environment, this could be the issue and you would need to contact your system administrator.

* For other webcasting question, see the following help page –