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Weigh Down Basics logoWelcome to WEIGH DOWN BASICS. First and foremost, understand that you are not a failure. Over the years you have developed a passion for and a focus on food which has left you overweight or miserable under its control. Attempts to solve the problem by dieting only increased this focus. Through Weigh Down, you will learn to transfer both the passion for food and your cry for deliverance from it to the only One Who truly deserves all this attention—God. This program is highly successful and permanent because we direct your efforts toward the root problem of obesity and overweight: overeating. You can quickly relearn how to eat like a Thin Eater by learning how to desire less food. By changing your focus or your mindset toward the amount of food that you deserve, your behaviors will change at each meal and snack. Diets do not work; spending years of dieting has only made matters worse because it is the wrong focus—so you actually desire more and more food each year, and you gain more weight with each passing year. Years of restrictive dieting have only strengthened the chains of slavery to food.

You are going to learn how to eat naturally and with control. You do not need to buy special foods or pills or sign up for special exercise programs. Weigh Down teaches you how to eat like a “Thin Eater”—a person who has self-control with eating regular foods. You will be able to eat like a child again—free from a preoccupation with food, free from binge-eating, dieting, bulimia, and exhausting exercise programs that have gotten you nowhere. And what is more—free from depression from the incredible pain of the consequences of overweight.

At this point, you have tried everything else to lose weight. It is time to get the mindset of people who have no draw or interest in food, but strictly use food for fuel. It is time to call on God for help to learn to eat how He intended it—how all the animals in the wild eat. Even in times of abundance, they do not eat more than their bodies are calling for. Watch Lesson 1 below for FREE!

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