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May 27, 2023
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May 29, 2023

Examining Our Hearts

We have spent years trying to figure out how to overcome addictions and cure hidden obsessions based on the assumption that there is something on the outside of us that is causing the problem. We have examined our entire surroundings under a microscope to determine the root of our challenges and addictions. Billions of dollars have been spent studying the contents of cigarettes, alcohol, and food in an effort to discover what it is about them that creates in people such an inability to resist. We are constantly developing new and improved low-everything cigarettes, light beers, and fat-free foods, as well as gadgets designed to remind us to workout, limit our spending, or set time constraints on our online activity. We make the world around us change, but we do not change our hearts at all. We continue to pile our plates and fill our glasses to excess. We steadfastly wage war against pornography, yet we look longingly at our neighbor’s spouse or our office co-worker. We spend endless hours and countless dollars signing up for man-made self-help seminars, yet we only learn to point the finger at others. We long for peace with God, yet we continue to look to the internet and social media for advice and approval. We have accumulated an incredible amount of literature and established so many man-made rules, but how much have we studied our own hearts?


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