Angel Dych - Weight Loss of 40 Pounds - Weigh Down Ministries
Rebecca Gunger - 20 Pound Weight Loss
Rebecca Gunger – Weight Loss of 20 Pounds
June 22, 2017
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D’Linda Law – Weight Loss of 50 Pounds
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Rebecca Gunger - 20 Pound Weight Loss
Rebecca Gunger – Weight Loss of 20 Pounds
June 22, 2017
Weigh Down - DLinda Law - 50 Pound Weight Loss
D’Linda Law – Weight Loss of 50 Pounds
August 1, 2017

Angel Dych – Weight Loss of 40 Pounds

Weigh Down Testimony - Angel Dych

A Painful Childhood of Teasing Led to Years of Dieting & Exercising

Angel Dych Before Weigh DownAt the tender age of 8, Angel Dych was teased as a child because of her weight. Growing up in Indianapolis, her neighborhood “friends” mockingly called her “Fat Angel Food Cake.” Angel says “That experience started an alarming awareness of an overweight body and lack of acceptance in society.”

Her childhood reaction to this body awareness and peer pressure resulted in years of trying to control her weight through dieting and exercise. Dieting became frustrating. With each diet, her weight would yo-yo. When she would  lose weight, it was never permanent.

With Marriage Came 30 Extra Pounds

Angel had a boss who told her about Weigh Down. She had noticed her demeanor had changed. She was more at peace and she was losing weight. Angel asked her, “What are you doing? She said the magic words – Weigh Down! I went right out that night and bought the book.”

When she became and adult and got married, all diets went out the window. She explains, “Glen was a good cook, so our home was filled with rich homemade foods which awaited me on my arrival home from work each day.” Angel’s exercise routine soon got lost in the responsibilities of married life.

Within a few months of my marriage, she quickly gained 30 pounds and started grabbing her husband’s clothes because hers wouldn’t fit anymore. It was at that moment that she cried out, “Where is my Weigh Down Diet Book?!”

Weigh Down Testimony - Angel DychWeigh Down to the Rescue

I remembered I could eat regular foods, and not have to exercise and lose excess weight! Soon after she started Weigh Down classes.

As a result of following the principles of Weigh Down, Angel lost 40 pounds and has kept it off ever since.  “Basically, the Weigh Down principles taught me how to transfer a love and focus for food over to a deeper love and focus on a relationship with God.

No More Dieting or Arduous Exercise!

Weigh Down saves me time since I don’t need to workout to keep the weight off. The ironic thing is I am more active than before, but it is not a regimented exercise plan. Weigh Down also saves us money since we eat less and our food bill is cut in half!

Everyone who follows Weigh Down agrees with Angel, “What other program gives back time, a thin healthy body, saves money and sets the mind free from weight control?! I am thankful for Weigh Down, a total package deal – it just works!”

Greater Conviction

Glen and Angel with Gwen Shamblin“I’ve found a consistent, seamless love for God and man. There is inexpressible appreciation and joy from morning to night. I have no more mood swings or expectations!

Staying in truth over the years, originally it was the Constant Encouragement CD’s, now through All Access has been key. “I continue to fall in love with God more through Gwen’s lessons like The Love Relationship, A Selfless Marriage and  How to Have Childlike Heart. These carried me through the desert. It was like Gwen handing me a flashlight in the darkness.

“Listening to truth at every turn helped me stay in God’s will – in step with His beautiful Spirit. Gwen’s books Rise Above and the Exodus Devotional: Laying Down Your Idols gave me the answers I needed to refresh my mind.

“The resource that has had the most profound affect on me is The History of the Love of God. It has shown me the path to salvation and what is required for a chance at Heaven. The History of the One True God prepared me for its impact. These two books have exposed the lies and strategy of the evil one and carefully explains who God is and what He likes. My appreciation for God is beyond belief because of understanding this True Love that only comes from God. I want His will to rule as Sovereign on earth as it is in Heaven.”

A Beautiful Marriage

Glen and Angel - Indy 500

“Finally, I’m so in love with my husband, Glen! He convicts me and I feel comfort from it! I treasure this conviction because it’s so hard to come by! I feel a closeness in my marriage, and we have so much fun together like our recent trip back home to visit family. We attend the Indy 500 almost every year including the 100th anniversary (pictured). It’s such a happy peaceful life!”

Life-Changing Weigh Down Tours

Since Angel lived outside Nashville for over 12 years, she knows how much it means when a tour comes to a nearby city. She says, “I’ve been fortunate to be on several Weigh Down tours including Chicago, Denver, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Memphis. Each tour changed my life for the better. It’s a golden opportunity to serve each one God puts in my path. I’m so grateful to get the chance to return this love to someone else who is seeking this connection with God Almighty.
“To see Gwen get out of her comfort zone and love people selflessly has been amazing. In turn, I get to come back home and imitate that behavior. It’s changed my whole life!” Weigh Down on Tour will be coming to Louisville, Kentucky on July 21-22, 2017. Register here for this free, life-changing tour!


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