How Godly Men Handle High-Stress Jobs
May 8, 2021

How to Lose Weight When the House is Full of Food

Weigh Down Presents – How to Lose Weight When the House is Full of Food

Many people find themselves at home much more than normal now, and across the world, people are fearful of how they will lose the weight they have gained while staying home. What can you do? How do you handle any situation where you have a lot of food around all the time? What can you do about stress-related overeating? In this episode, you will meet two guests who have used this time as an opportunity to really dig in and lose more weight and build their relationship with God. Gwen shares about learning to let go of gimmicks and trying to use your own strength/ideas as a resource and instead learn to truly listen to God’s voice and His lead. God is trying to connect to us! We can end the voices that distract us and be completely free of the pull of food and the world! Watch this episode today!

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