Cohen Family - Weight Loss of Over 250 Pounds - Weigh Down Ministries
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Cohen Family – Weight Loss of Over 250 Pounds

Cohen Family - Over 250 Pound Weight Loss

Cohen Family - Weigh Down MinistriesCohen Family Loses 286 Pounds With Weigh Down!

Weigh Down Ministries has changed thousands of lives around the world. For Terrell and Dana Cohen, the past two years have changed their family dramatically for the better with a remarkable total 286 pound weight loss! Aside from weight loss, the Cohen’s have completely changed on the inside, too, thanks to God and the teachings of Weigh Down ministries and Remnant Fellowship Church. Because of what they have learned and put into practice, the Cohen’s have left a former life full of legalistic rules, pride, indulgences, obesity, poor health and strained family relationships. They now live completely born again lives, resulting in not only incredible weight loss but also a genuine connection with God!

Dana Cohen’s Testimony – God Answered Her Prayer in the Form of an Email

Terrell and Dana Cohen Before Weigh Down MinistriesIt all started with an email from Weigh Down in June 2015, inviting Dana to join a free Weigh Down Basics class! Little did the Weigh Down office know that the night before, Dana and her husband, Terrell, had prayed for help to lose weight. Dana signed up for the Basics class right away!

Dana had read Gwen Shamblin’s The Weigh Down Diet and Rise Above back in 2000. She says, “I didn’t fully grasp what I was reading because I honestly didn’t want to give up my best friend (food). I was a mother of two, about 20 pounds overweight, and very depressed.

Overcoming Depression, High Blood Pressure, Fibromyalgia, Hypothyroidism and a Failing Marriage

“Over the years, I could never forget the principles I learned with Weigh Down. I would occasionally attempt to apply them, but as the testing got hard, I would decide that I was already doing enough for God. I reasoned that He didn’t actually care about a few extra pounds with all that I was already doing for Him.

Those few extra pounds quickly became 126 extra pounds. After many years of dieting, cutting out food groups, and working out, I was heavier than I would have ever imagined. Praise God that He would not let me lose weight my way. I could not hold on to my love of food and lose the weight. I would have to fall in love with Him!!

This once very athletic girl was now a very overweight, unhealthy, miserable woman. I was suffering from depression, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, and a failing marriage. After I had my sixth child, I cried out to God for help. I was afraid I would not be around to see my younger children grow up. I would lay awake at night with heart palpitations begging God to allow me to wake in the morning.”

Needless to say, Dana was desperate, humbled, and surrendered when God brought her back to Weigh Down. She joined the Weigh Down Facebook group and signed up for the online Facebook rally on June 1, 2015 from her home in Virginia. “I could not believe how much was given to me through the resources at Weigh Down. It blew my mind! So much instant love. I was given an accountability partner who was always there for me.” Dana also got on Weigh Down All Access for constant encouragement and signed up for an online Weigh Down Basics class.

“There was NO reason I could not make it, because God had provided everything I needed for success through Weigh Down. My 12-year-old (Damani) was about 25 pounds overweight, and he decided he would take the classes with me. We saw immediate weight loss and changed desires. We could stop in the middle of a meal and wait for hunger. It was so fun and we felt closer to God every day! The pounds were melting away but more importantly, so was the hardness in our hearts. Damani and I were laying down pride, selfishness, faithlessness and anger. We were transforming into new people on the inside and outside. As a result, my 18-year-old son Damian and my husband Terrell joined Weigh Down!”

Dana is Down 105 Pounds with a Complete Love for God!

Terrell and Dana Cohen Before and After Weigh Down MinistriesDana has lost an incredible 105 pounds by following the principles of Weigh Down. She no longer suffers from hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, and depression. Her marriage is completely healed. She says, “I am more in love with my husband than ever. Best of all, I am falling deeper and deeper in love with our most amazing Heavenly Father every single day that I am allowed to breathe! God is definitely in the miracle business! He is so faithful! I am so grateful He never gave up on me. It is humbling to think of how he sought after me and my family!

“After 20 years, I finally learned the missing link in my relationship with God was my limited love for Him. I didn’t love Him with ALL my heart, mind, soul, and strength. He hadn’t forsaken me, I had forsaken Him. I loved the food more and I loved myself more. In the Basics class, I heard Gwen say that she loved God with her ALL and that she would be able to teach me how to do the same – there was so much hope! I longed for that same love affair with God.

“As a result, I watched countless You Can Overcome shows, constantly listened to Weigh Down radio, and did all my homework for the Weigh Down Basics class. I would not miss a class! Since then, Weigh Down All Access, History of the Love of GodThe Tablet and remaining in classes have been my daily essentials for keeping focused UP on God and off of food and my desires. My life has forever been changed! Praise God! I am a new creation! If God would do this for me, He will do it for you too! The question is: Will YOU go ALL in for Him?”

Terrell Cohen’s Life was Forever Changed When He Found Weigh Down

Terrell and Dana Cohen Before Weigh Down MinistriesThe email Dana received back in 2015 came as a total shock to her husband, Terrell. He explains, “When Dana came to me and asked what diet plan she should do to lose all her excess weight, I knew she was seeking something that God would bless. We both prayed to God for the plan that God wanted her to use, and when that email from Weigh Down Ministries came that next day for a free Basics Class, I was stunned. We had never given Weigh Down our email address. We had never contacted Weigh Down and did not have a computer or email address when Dana read the Rise Above book in 2000!

We immediately knew it was God answering our prayer. Watching Dana start the class with our 12-year-old son and seeing them both lose 7 pounds the first week got my attention. I joined about a week later to support her, not realizing how much greed was in my own heart. As soon as I started listening to the classes, God spoke through Gwen Shamblin to my heart.

Terrell’s Down 100 Pounds with a Complete Heart Change

Cohen Family - Weigh Down Ministries“I began to change every part of my character. I stopped being greedy and lost 100 pounds. I was able to take my thoughts captive and stop lust and sensuality. I became less angry and selfish. I stopped overspending, got under-authority, and began to see more and more humility in my heart. I used to be so selfish that I would spend all day Sunday watching football and eating. I did not focus on investing in my children or marriage.”

Now Terrell has learned to invest in his family—and his marriage to Dana has been completely healed! He is passing on his love for God to his children and teaching them by his actions how to be a Godly husband and father. In addition, God has completely healed their finances and relationships with extended family and friends.

Damian is Down 56 Pounds with a Hopeful Future

Damian Cohen Before and After Weigh Down MinistriesAt just 20 years of age, Terrell and Dana’s son Damian started his Weigh Down journey one year ago. Damian says, “My heart was convicted seeing my mom go all in for God and lay down her will for a relationship with Him. When I saw my little brother start losing weight with Weigh Down, my prideful self wanted to join just to outdo him!”

God began working in Damian’s heart to humble him. His connection to God grew through answered prayers because of his new obedience. Damian says, “I learned how to have an actual relationship with God! A true relationship! Something tangible and real!

I knew there was LIFE at Weigh Down Ministries and Remnant Fellowship Church! Since beginning my first Weigh Down class, I have lost 56 pounds, pride, laziness, anger, selfishness, impurity and more! Praise God for the clear, practical teachings of Weigh Down Ministries!”

The beautiful Cohen family now lives in Tennessee and continues to be an encouragement to all. You can watch Dana on the “You Can Overcome” show episode, “How to Have the Right Body Image” with Gwen Shamblin, Candace Anger and Denise Thomas:”


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Cohen Family – Weight Loss of Over 250 Pounds

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