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Letting Go of Control
July 30, 2023
Now is the Time to Let Go
August 1, 2023

Making the Choice

Weigh Down Works

Control can be the biggest hurdle for weight loss. The controller usually describes who is left in a situation where they cannot lose their weight. They can sometimes have the sweetest personalities in the world, yet underneath they may be the most stubborn and controlling people. They are basically saying to the God of the universe and all men and mankind, spouse, church leaders, everybody, “I am going to control my food, and you are not going to take that one part of my life from me. I am going to control it.”

May we all constantly remind ourselves that this has got to go. “I am choosing a new lifestyle. I am in the committed class, and therefore I am not going back. I cannot keep doing what I was doing, so I have to make some changes. I have to be a different person, so I am going to surrender this hour to God. I am going to surrender this desire to eat to God.”

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