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July 29, 2023
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July 31, 2023

Letting Go of Control

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If you struggle with weight loss, it could be a sign that you need to let go of control with your eating, because you will become “out-of-control!” We all need to look inward  to find out what the body is calling for, because in the end, eating the same thing over and over with large volumes of low-calorie foods will extradite a binge. You are asking for your life to be defined by nighttime binge eating or binge eating every two or three days that you cannot control or stop. You will find yourself at one weight, and then in a year or two find yourself heavier, and in another year or two heavier, and then in five years, ten years, heavier.

You will lose control, because a “controller” will gain weight. Why? Dieting has no value in restraining your sensual indulgence. People are greedy, and greed grows. The only people who are not greedy are those controlled by God. People-controllers are not controlled by God’s Spirit, which is the only Spirit that has control of greed. The only thing that can save mankind is God’s Spirit. Man’s spirit is greedy by nature. Each year, you will have more and more greed for self. That means that you will want more and more food. That is automatic.

Change this control, and you will automatically become less greedy, and that will automatically result in weight loss. Yeah! We will talk more tomorrow about how to let go of control.

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