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Why Diets will Never Work, Part IV
April 24, 2023
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April 26, 2023

Why Diets Will Never Work, Part V

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We are continuing our series on why diets do not work:

4. “Do not handle, do not taste, do not touch”… Man-made rules teach us to project rather than to look inward; to make the food change rather than the human changing. Why would companies be motivated to impose such rules? It is a money maker. Diet companies impose new rules on “bad foods” and introduce their “righteous foods” under their food brand. This has been a lucrative business; however, the diet companies are only giving the people what they want… mankind will try to alter everything and everyone around them before they improve themselves.

When we have taken out the sugar and replaced it with an artificial sugar, thrown out the fat and replaced it with an artificial fat, thrown out the calories and replaced them with non-caloric fluff or indigestible hay, we have made the food behave. We have not advanced our own behavior. We do not have to modify how much food we chew and swallow because the food itself has re-adapted to larger volumes of low-calorie content. One serving of food that used to contain 115 calories now contains only 70 calories. Since the same volume of food now contains fewer calories, you can eat a larger volume. Never mind that it is tasteless and unpalatable. You do not have to take fewer bites of food to lose weight on a diet; you can even take more bites. So how did you lose 10 and gain 15 back? The diet did not decrease the volume of food or limit the chewing and swallowing; in fact, it increased it.

How do you reverse it… Again, you fall in love with what you focus on. The root of indulgence come from the love of the idol; the love of the idol comes from the focus—eyes and ears—listening to, looking at, longing for, and obeying the idol. Diets exacerbate the problem rather than alleviate it, because they encourage you to do all the wrong things. Diets require attention to foods and recipes.

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