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April 25, 2023
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April 27, 2023

A Typical Dieter’s Day

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Let us start off looking at the typical dieter getting up in the morning. Once you decide on a diet, you have to check that particular diet’s list and select the right foods. At work, you talk about diets, which means foods. By the time you get home, you have been planning the foods that you can eat and the foods that you cannot eat, and this has set you up for grazing foods all evening. You will have two groups of foods: one that you can eat and one that you cannot. You have to cook two different types of meals—one for you and one for your family. Food is omnipresent. This only increases the focus on the food. The more you focus on planning, buying, talking about, preparing, cooking, serving, and eating the food, the stronger the magnetic pull is to the refrigerator. If you keep a record of all of this, you will see that food is the obsession of your life. Dieting provides the perfect setup to accelerate your love for food. Dieting and exchange lists taught you to read a sheet of paper for the amount you should eat. They taught you to follow an exchange list. They helped you exchange “bad food” for “good food.” And they started calling them “lifestyle changes.” Yet the only alteration you made is that you walked down a different grocery store aisle—the diet aisle—and therefore have a more expensive grocery bill and have to go to the big and tall section for larger clothes each year. Exercising for hours each day, eating diet industry foods or foods you do not crave is not the born again lifestyle enhancement you need. You need to be freed up! Now you can see why dieting, counting calories, diet pills, and diet foods has to stop, because by the time you have gone to bed you have planned a binge to go back to the foods that you really want to eat. This restriction, caused by man’s rules, has only quickened your senses to food. It has not helped you to lay down sensual indulgence at all. Overindulgence was never addressed—sensitivity to hunger  and fullness was not the core teaching.



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