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April 26, 2023
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April 28, 2023

The Expectation of More

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Man-made rules from medicine, religion, science, philosophy, psychology, etc. do not work because they intuitively get you to focus on yourself—your favorite subject. People love the weekly counsel sessions where you pay someone to ask you questions about yourself and pay them to let you talk about yourself without changing the subject for one to two hours. Man-made rules enforce a worship of self. Now, if you are thinking about what you want for self—you tend to want more and more. “More is better.” This self-focus has increased our expectations of amounts of food. Every year your expectation gets higher, and that is why you weigh more and more each year. You have come a long way from the amount you thought you wanted or deserved as a child. Americans as a population have become more and more accustomed to larger amounts of food over the years, especially since the Great Depression. Diets by nature are based on large volumes of low-calorie foods and “free foods,” so you get to give yourself more, and where a soda used to be 200 calories, now it is zero so you can drink more. More and more. Until we turn to God, this is all going to continue to be a puzzling “mystery epidemic”.

A worship of self is sick and leads to many disposition problems in the end. Self-worship leads to allowing more and more wrong decisions that serve self—overeating, overtalking, greed for fortune. When the world centers around you instead of God, it causes mental disorders. Yet people uncontrolled by self-focus or worship of self are free!



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