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Why Diets will Never Work, Part I
April 21, 2023
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Why Diets Will Never Work, Part III
April 23, 2023

Why Diets Will Never Work, Part II

Weigh Down Works

We are continuing our discussion of why diets will not work:

1. Diets or man-made rules have “an appearance of wisdom,” but in actuality are not wise. Since the beginning of time, godless men have made up godless regulations—simply guessing at the solutions for problems but not consulting God, who actually is the Wisdom of the Ages. The Battle of the Ages is satan against God, but it is also man versus God. This is discussed in more detail in The Treasure Series. This is fact… Man is wise only if they are connected to the Mainframe Computer. We must be plugged in to the assistance of God rather than trying to compete with God or bypass God—it is imprudent. Mankind must turn to God. Many medically trained individuals are still personally devoted to God, but as a whole, over the last 50 years I have watched as the American Medical Association (AMA) has been more impressed by, and therefore dependent on, man’s scientific “discoveries” than impressed by and dependent on THE ONE who created it all. God has had the answers all along, and our modern, advanced science is simply “discovering” what God has created. There are light years between the two sources. There is an appearance of wisdom in man-made rules, but it is simply that… an appearance. There is no wisdom in them. How do you know? Look at the fruit—America has never been larger, nor more unhealthy.


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