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July 31, 2023
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August 2, 2023

Now is the Time to Let Go

Part of the problem of being a controller is that you try to lay down sin with your own methods. What if we have “played god” on freedom from sin and come up with our one counterfeit way to lay down sin? We lay down sin with sin? We lay down sin with sinful solutions? No wonder we struggle with the last pounds, the last drinking, the last lusts, the last pride or greed! We have tried to overcome sin with our power, using sin, vs. using God’s power and His Spirit. How clever of satan.

To those who have relied on their own strength, now is the time. This is your year to be done with overeating, to be done with suffering. You are exhausted and have gotten nowhere.

Whatever you are controlling in your life, you have to let go! There is only one answer—be born again of a new Spirit. Get rid of your old ways, such as using your power, smarts and strength to diet or manipulate things. Kill that spirit and open up to the power of obeying the Holy Spirit of God. It has no greed for self, but it is the happiest person alive. It is the Spirit that moves all life and angels and the entire Heavenly Kingdom. God’s power is better than your power. Let go and let God lead!



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