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Weigh Down - Larry and Karen Sims - 65 Pound Weight Loss
Larry and Karen Sims – Weight Loss of 65 Pounds
April 5, 2017
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Beth Smiley – Weight Loss of 105 Pounds
May 1, 2017

How to Lose 100 Pounds – You Can Do it Too

Weigh Down TV Presents – How to Lose 100 Pounds – You Can Do it Too

In 2017, EVERYONE either knows someone who needs to lose a large amount of weight – or perhaps you yourself are in what seems like a never ending struggle to lose weight and find peace and happiness and good health again.  So, this overweight and obesity epidemic hits home in some form or fashion with all of us.  But we are here to tell you today, as you will witness in this video episode of the You Can Overcome show, that there is HOPE.  There are ANSWERS.  No matter how much weight that you or a loved one needs to lose, you CAN do it.  And you will NOT need lap band surgery, any kind of suction-assisted lipectomy, no pills, no special foods, no calorie counting, no have-to exercise program, no low fat or low carb or low ANYTHING plans.  How is this possible?  With GOD, anything is possible, and this is a cannot-miss episode for anyone and everyone who is ready to make a change.  Joining Weigh Down and Remnant Fellowship founder Gwen Shamblin and Co-Host Candace Anger are three women who have lost more than a combined 500 POUNDS and have kept that weight off for years and years – through putting into practice the God-inspired principles of Weigh Down Ministries.  Note that these women are not unlike a lot of you, whether male or female, young or old.  They had jobs and families, financial concerns and hurting relationships, along with all kinds of life’s worries.  In other words, you can identify with them.  So what did they do?  Is there some secret formula?  Thankfully, it is not a secret, and as one of the ladies shares in this video – Everyone who has breath can do this.  Now THOSE words should be music to your ears.  Yes, you too can OVERCOME.

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Hosted by: Gwen Shamblin

Special Guests: Jill Snapp, Sally Neely, Vickie Veeder

Filmed live on April 5, 2017

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