Vicki Johnston - Weight Loss of 85 Pounds - Weigh Down Ministries
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Vicki Johnston – Weight Loss of 85 Pounds

Weigh Down - Vicki Johnston - 85 Pound Weight Loss

Hi my name is Vicki! God lead me to the Weigh Down Ministries back in 2006 through a homeschooling book I was reading at the time. I was not extremely overweight at this time as I had been controlling my weight through a very strict program that consisted of not eating sugar or flour. That plan had taken off a good portion of my excess weight but I was slowly beginning to gain weight back and my relationships were still struggling. After checking out the Weigh Down Website I saw an on-line class was offered. This was great for me at the time because I was homeschooling and I saw that a class was offered at just about any time.

Exodus Out of Egypt – The Change Series was the first class that I took. What I was hearing and reading made so much sense. I immediately stepped out in faith and began to eat like what was being taught. An Eggo waffle with syrup was my first bite of sugar and flour in 5 years. I lost weight in my first week of the class and I was eating cake and burgers! Not long into the class I discovered “The Rise Above Book“. This brought more freedom and clarity to so many fears and unanswered questions I always had. The book pointed out a scripture that reads: Paraphrasing 1 Timothy 4,  in later times there will be deceiving spirit’s that lead people to abstain from certain foods. Well this really spoke to me as the eating plan I was on for so long was called “Abstinence” – God was revealing to me that I was not following the right spirit. So I stay plugged into all the teachings, classes, CDs etc., that Weigh Down offers. I have been eating this way since 2006. I have had a total weight loss of 85 pounds. The last few years have been like the promised land of thin for me. I do not ever think about dieting and I do not fear eating fatty foods!  Weigh Down offers the truth of the Bible and teaches how to practically apply the Word to our daily lives. This has led me to the right Spirit and, due to that, my relationships are ones that I could have never dreamed of. They are filled with patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, love and self-control. Thank you, God, for sending Weigh Down into my life!

Vicki Johnston


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Vicki Johnston – Weight Loss of 85 Pounds

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