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Jill Smith – Weight Loss of 90 Pounds

Through Weigh Down, I have lost 90 pounds and kept it off since 2001!  In a time where programs for losing weight are everywhere, I am thankful that I have found THE answer to permanent weight loss. From 5th grade on, I always went up and down with my weight. In college, I went from bulimia to excessive exercise to cabbage soup… It was awful.

Early in my marriage, I gained over 40 pounds and turned to doctors, pills, Atkins, on and on. Everything I tried was dealing with the outside without getting to the greed and pain in my heart.  After I had my son now (who is now in college), I struggled with my weight more than ever. In fact, I did not lose any – not one pound – of my baby weight from all my dieting attempts. After a year had gone by, depression continued to sink in, every diet failed, clothes growing bigger, marriage failing, and no hope…then I was led to Weigh Down. At first I was skeptical. No diet? Eat regular foods, hunger and fullness…really??? I played around with it for a bit and lost 20 pounds… and I was getting happier from finding a connection with God! Then after seeing results and STILL thinking I might try something else just to see (knowing deep inside this is what I had been searching for all my life) I turned back to old diets and actually gained weight.

Turning back to Weigh Down full force in 2001, I lost the weight in record time…all while eating EVERYTHING considered forbidden in other diets! My mind was free from calorie plans and full of love and freedom…my was weight gone, finances healing, marriage restored— an amazing blessing was after several months of trying became pregnant! It’s hard to believe but I didn’t even have to think about baby weight this time. Now fast forward to current day and not one thing has NOT changed in my life for the better. I could go on and on for hours about the joy, blessings, restored relationships, strongholds laid down, etc. I give ALL credit to the foundational principles I learned and put and intro practice through Weigh Down

Jill Smith


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Jill Smith – Weight Loss of 90 Pounds

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