Heather Sanchez - Weight Loss of 80 Pounds - Weigh Down Ministries
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Heather Sanchez – Weight Loss of 80 Pounds

Over ten years ago, I had reached “my bottom”, so to speak, in my weight issue. I had gone to weight loss centers, tried low-calorie diets, took diet pills, even tried crazy beet & tuna diets. At the time I first heard of a Weigh Down class announced, I was running 15 miles a day and only eating low fat foods. I was the boss of everything in my life, my marriage, our finances, and my weight issue. Obviously I was not a very good boss, and I was miserable. I adored God as a child, but I had not allowed Him in my life in years, even though I attended church regularly.

In January 1996, when I saw Weigh Down announced in the church bulletin, I thought to myself “If God cannot help me lose this weight, there is NO hope for me!” When class started, I immediately was stunned! I could lose weight eating foods I had deprived myself of? I could lose weight without diet pills? I could lose weight running to God? How could this be?? I decided I would give this my ALL! I immediately dove in! I ate only when I was hungry, stopped when I was satisfied. I ran to God when I wanted to “desire eat” and I was not really hungry. The tears of my will would come out – I would just cry and cry the first few sessions, just my will being broken down. I lost 60 pounds within the first 3-4 months! The key to this is that I kept the weight off!!!

I immersed myself into this truth…God’s truth…in Weigh Down. When Gwen would come to Denver for a book signing, I was there. When Gwen had Desert Oasis every year in Nashville, I was there. I took the Strongholds class, and laid down more of the strongholds I didn’t even know were there. I was more faithful going to Weigh Down Classes than church on Sundays! I just couldn’t get enough! I loved this truth!! Well, in 2002, when Weigh Down Advanced was introduced, God was going to break my will even more! Through Weigh Down Advanced, God revealed to me that there was still greed in my heart for food, money, material things, and praise of men. These things were ugly, and I laid them down before God, never to return. I lost an additional 20 pounds – a total weight loss of 80 pounds. I have kept this weight off since and had a baby and returned to pre-pregnancy weight within weeks of delivering!! This is amazing! God is so cool!

I cannot begin to describe the peace of living this truth out every day! How peaceful is it to consult God about everything! How peaceful is it to allow God to be the boss? I do not boss my husband around…God is in control! I just submit! I do not have to be in charge of finances…God is in control. There is confidence living purely and blamelessly before God. Surround yourself with this truth! Surround yourself with people that will do anything to help you live this out! Surround yourself with God Almighty for HE Is EVERYTHING! If you give it your all, how can you get it wrong?

Heather Sanchez


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Heather Sanchez – Weight Loss of 80 Pounds

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