Weigh Down - Candace Anger - 55 Pound Weight Loss
Candace Anger – Weight Loss of 55 Pounds
November 21, 2016
Weigh Down - Tedd Anger - 55 Pound Weight Loss
Tedd Anger – Weight Loss of 55 Pounds
November 22, 2016

Aldith Diaz – Weight Loss of 78 Pounds

Weigh Down - Aldith Diaz - 78 Pound Weight Loss

God brought Weigh Down Ministries into my life February of 1999 while living in Bronx, New York. Through applying the teachings of Gwen Shamblin, I have lost 78 pounds without any dieting or exercising.

This has delivered me from a long family history of diabetes and heart problems. In addition to weight loss, God has also delivered me from many strongholds such as slandering, gossiping, self-righteousness, projecting, nagging, manipulating behaviors, overspending, and disrespectfulness to my authorities…just to name a few.
I love God’s will and want it in every minute of my life because I have found true peace and lasting joy!!

I highly recommend Weigh Down Basics and the Weigh Down Diet book!

Aldith Diaz


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