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Tedd Anger – Weight Loss of 55 Pounds

My battle with weight started in college. I gained the freshman forty, not the freshman fifteen. When I graduated, I was able to lose most of that weight through excessive exercise, counting fat grams, carbs and calories, but it would only last for a month or so and I would eventually gain it all back. I was eating fat free food and gaining weight! This yo-yo weight gain and loss went on for about 5 years (usually gaining, not losing).  I had accepted the fact that I would always have extra weight on me like the rest of my family.

My wife introduced me to WeighDown at the end of 1999. I remember thinking that I was not eating too much, but that my problem was hereditary. I can still remember the first time I waited for true stomach hunger. I did not get hungry until 4pm that day and I remember calling my wife excited that I finally had God’s approval to eat. That’s when I knew that I did have greed in my heart for food and that I was going to it for a feeling. As I learned “to eat only when my body was truly hungry and stopping when I was politely full”, not eating to the point of being stuffed, the weight started to come off. If I ever desired food when I was not hungry, I went to God and filled up on His word. When I did get truly hungry, I went to God in prayer to ask Him for help with self-control and to glorify Him with my eating. The changes were amazing and permanent! I lost 55 pounds in 6 months and it has stayed off!

I praise God for Jesus Christ who taught us to deny our will and live only for the will of the Father, for Gwen Shamblin who opened my eyes to my greed and pride that was in my heart and for pointing me to Christ and for all of the incredible testimonies that encouraged me. Because of what I have learned through these teachings, God is now everything to me and doing His will is an incredible privilege that I do not deserve. My heart has completely changed, my marriage has changed, I have lost all of my weight permanently and I truly love God with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength!

Tedd Anger

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Tedd Anger – Weight Loss of 55 Pounds

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