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God Fearing Families Book
The Foundation of Good Etiquette
October 27, 2021
God Fearing Families Book
God’s Beautiful Etiquette
October 29, 2021

Returning to God’s Foundation

God Fearing Families Book

There is hope for the future. As we return to this foundation of God’s etiquette and His Commands, we have seen a transformation in our own lives and in those around us. Imagine a Heavenly Community…a place of gentleness, kindness and graciousness…filled with true etiquette and manners, a positive attitude and looking for the good in everyone. We experience this daily, and our children are grounded on this foundation, but I know that there is even more to go—this is exciting. The Bible teaches that good behavior is not an option, and God’s rules are standard and timeless.

The etiquette that is taught in this Royal Revival is for the good of God and His Kingdom first, for His glory, to make His Business—His Church and His Kingdom of Love—the best Business in the world. This true etiquette exists to honor His Son Jesus Christ who came down here to show us this behavior, and for everyone to honor their parents. If you behave correctly, you will win over both Saints and the world with your good behavior. Learn the true etiquette taught by the Heavens, for it is our behavior that will be evaluated in Heaven. My prayer is that the word etiquette, meaning “to stick,” will stick to us and be a part of our moral fabric. May God and His etiquette rule the world. May His Will and His beautiful etiquette and manners be done on Earth as they are in Heaven.


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