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October 28, 2021
The Legend to the Treasure
Rejected by the World, Loved by God
October 31, 2021

Good etiquette is only possible when you genuinely love GOD and His Ten Commandments from deep inside your heart. However, etiquette courses and multiple finishing schools all claim to teach proper etiquette. People pay for and take courses to polish the outside, but they never achieve appropriate social interaction, so they never seem to have true friends or maintain relationships of any depth. They are instructed on how to greet others, on the polite way to eat, the proper use of cell phones, and they are given general business etiquette tips. However, these learned skills are never natural, and true etiquette never becomes a part of their heart or their defining characteristics—and you will see the difference in their behavior, especially at home. They may smile, but underneath they are full of hate toward you, the world and their life situation. In fact, Psalm 55 points this out: His speech is smooth as butter, yet war is in his heart; his words are more soothing than oil, yet they are drawn swords. Psalm 55:21

God is the Creator of all social graces and the true Source of this beautiful behavior. In addition, beautiful behavior is taught and lived out by His Prophets and Angels. There is a proper way to behave, and our bodies are here to house the sacred Spirit of God, the characteristics of the Heavenly Father. There is only one way to lay a foundation for proper behavior and God’s course of etiquette, and that is with God’s Holy, perfect Spirit that gives you His behavior, which is from the Ancient of Times—behaviors that He has selected to be the very ones that are the perfect way to live and respond so that there is a world of peace about us.


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