Vickie Veeder - Weight Loss of 167 Pounds - Weigh Down Ministries
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Vickie Veeder – Weight Loss of 167 Pounds

Weigh Down - Vickie Veeder - 167 Pound Weight Loss

For as long as I can remember I have always struggled with food and as a result, my weight.  As a teenager I remember always being on a diet.  Always trying to hide what I ate in secret only to eat small amounts of healthy food in front of my parents and siblings and friends.  Then as an adult something really horrible happened, I FELL in LOVE with food.  I adored it! I WORSHIPED it without even realizing it.  I was a failure at marriage.  I experienced the reality of being married to a violent husband.  I turned passionately to food for comfort.  I willingly and longingly dived into chips and dips, cheese and anything that distracted me from the pain I was feeling, both physically and mentally.  As a result, I leaped up the scale to 180 pounds.  Then, before I knew it I was above 200 pounds.  I remember crying, knowing that I had not weighed that much when I had been in my 9th month of pregnancy with any of my three children.  Next I went through a number of years battling cancer, undergoing surgery and the stress associated with it.  This sent me running even harder after food for comfort.  When I finally got on the scale, I weighed 283 pounds.

Through all these years I kept trying to diet and exercise to lose the weight, only to gain it all back and then some. I tried so hard to control and fix what I was doing, but the more I tried the worse it got.  Food controlled m— what I did, when I did everything, and how much I did for other people.  I would actually refuse to make plans with a friend or family member so that I could go home and EAT alone.  Food had become my whole life, an idol that I worshipped and adored!  Then one night I saw Gwen Shamblin on the Larry King Live TV Show.  I heard about Weigh Down, called the office and ordered the Weigh Down Diet book.  I devoured the book instead of food.  God’s Word leaped off the pages.  I took an online class and learned about greed and about eating food again in normal quantities!

With the help of Weigh Down, I realized that by loving God wholeheartedly and worshipping Him more than anything on this created Earth, my love of food could be overcome.  I learned about the basics of hunger and fullness and looking to God to fill me up instead of the food.  From January of 2006 through November of 2007 I lost 145 lbs., and went from a size 26 (4X) down to a size 6. My doctor took me off diuretics and other prescriptions I had taken for over 20 years.  My cholesterol went down over 60 points and I was able to walk, skip and dance for the first time since high school without pain!  Then in 2011, refueled by the original profound teaching of this ministry I continued to lose even more weight by applying this God given truth and lost an additional 25 pounds.  I am now down 167 pounds at my lowest weight ever, all while eating and drinking small amounts of delicious food just like I did when I was a child!

I praise God that He has brought you to this website and THE Truth. There is nothing special about me.  Without this God-given Truth I would still be in bondage to food. God’s truth is being poured out in these classes, writings, and music. Through it all, the Weigh Down coordinators and staff have pointed and guided me back to God’s Word without sugar coating the message. I must put God first in my life and cry out to God and not to food, alcohol, or anything else. He alone will free you. You too can be free!  You too can overcome sin! Weigh Down is God’s answer to permanent weight loss and to a transformed life of joy, peace, and happiness!

Vickie Veeder

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