Grace Radebaugh - Weight Loss of 15 Pounds - Weigh Down Ministries
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Grace Radebaugh – Weight Loss of 15 Pounds

Weigh Down - Grace Radebaugh

Weigh Down - Grace Radebaugh - 15 Pound Weight LossGrace Radebaugh says, “Words cannot express how grateful I am to God for leading me to Weigh Down Ministries. These teachings have truly changed my heart and given me a whole new, blessed life!”

Life before finding this ministry was not easy for Grace – starting as early as middle school. “I was extremely body-focused and struggled with feeling like I was not thin. I watched family members and close friends go on ‘diets’, eat special foods and struggle to lose weight, so I followed suit.” At the time, Grace was not overweight, athletic and in good health, but her extreme body focus allowed these feelings and thoughts to become overwhelming.

Like many young women, she says her body-focus problem made her want to be even more thin. She explains, “Near the end of high school I started controlling my food intake. In college, this control issue developed into bulimia.

“My own greed used to be the center of attention and the control made me gain weight, feel miserable and feel disconnected from the people closest to me. On the outside, I may have looked happy and put together, but on the inside I felt so empty and alone. The loneliness I felt during this time was the worst feeling of all. I felt that I had no one to turn to, no one with answers.”

No one would ever know this beautiful young woman with a gorgeous smile and adorable dimples had any problems. So Grace turned to reading Christian literature and Google for help, but everything she read said that she would have to live with her “eating disorder” for the rest of her life! As a young 20-year-old, Grace felt trapped and hopeless. However, things changed when Grace met Chris – a young man on her swim team.

Grace and Chris became close friends, and he later introduced Grace to Weigh Down. She says, “Everything that I thought I knew about losing weight, and dieting, and even finding a relationship with God was completely flipped upside down! The control and body-focus, which I learned was self focus, that I was previously oblivious to was revealed, and almost overnight my entire life changed for the better.” Grace learned that focusing on her body was self-focus and that took away from her being God-focused.

Chris and Grace RadebaughGrace explains, “This truly was the key. I had to repent, change and seek God above all else; and this was exactly what I was hearing every time I listened to messages and read books written by Gwen Shamblin”. Following the basic Weigh Down teachings of hunger and fullness, Grace quickly lost 15 pounds. However, the changes happening inside Grace’s heart were even more exciting! For the first time in her life, Grace found peace and God’s favor in every area.

Grace began putting God first in every area, and saw many blessings as a result of this. She says, “I was blessed academically, in all of my relationships, in my job, and financially. I had a better relationship with my parents, siblings, and friends. I was being taught how to involve God in every decision in my life and was seeing the blessings that come from obedience. I was given the blessing of a husband, as Chris and I were privileged to be married in our church, Remnant Fellowship.

The resources that have helped her the most include Weigh Down All Access, Weigh Down Radio, and the Breakthrough class. In addition, “The Royal Wife” and the “You Are Not a Victim Series”, also available on Weigh Down All Access, were very helpful in dealing with topics of self-focus, self-pity and depression.

Grace says that all of her problems were resolved when she would lay down her own will and determine to run after God’s will and His plans for her life. “This new way of making decisions and living is better than anything that I could have dreamed up on my own and has made me a completely new creation. I can barely recognize the person that I used to be. Not only physically, but down to the core – I have been transformed. I give all praise and credit to God alone for giving me the heart to hear the teachings that He poured out and continues to pour out through Gwen Shamblin and Weigh Down Ministries!”


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