Jenni Mendl - Weight Loss of 15 Pounds - Weigh Down Ministries
Weigh Down Testimony - Jaime Field - 111 Pound Weight Loss
Jaime Field – Weight Loss of 111 Pounds
June 14, 2017
Rebecca Gunger - 20 Pound Weight Loss
Rebecca Gunger – Weight Loss of 20 Pounds
June 22, 2017

Jenni Mendl in her own words…

Rick and Jenni Mendl - Weigh Down TestimonyI first heard about Weigh Down in 1994. I am a Registered Dietician and had a background in nutrition and food science, but I was also overweight and had a habit of binge eating when I was emotional. I tried to control my weight and counteract the binge eating by eating fat free or low fat foods and with exercise. Needless to say, none of these methods ever worked. I did not counteract the amount of calories I could consume, nor did the binge eating soothe my emotions. I took my first Weigh Down class and devoured information about God that I had never heard before, and lost the 15 pounds of extra weight I had on my body. With each seminar that I participated in, I was being taught how to identify and remove all of the other worldly desires that I had in my heart before God. I praise God that He moved Gwen Shamblin to get all of this information written and recorded so it could be shared with everyone. With all credit to God the Father through His Son Jesus Christ and these Weigh Down materials, I have laid down depression, nervous habits like peeling my skin till it caused harm, rage, binge eating, trying to others, and disrespect for my husband. God has replaced those things with gratefulness, self-control, gentleness, a peaceful marriage and home, and answered prayers. All praise to God for restoration!! I plan to continue choosing daily to focus my mind, heart, soul, and strength toward living out a life of purity and holiness for God for the rest of my living days.

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