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The Secret to Lasting Weight Loss
April 18, 2023
Weigh Down Works
Man-Made Rules Do Not Work
April 20, 2023

There is Hope!

Weigh Down Works

If you are tempted to go back to food, ask Him, “O God, can You do better than a food binge, an alcohol binge, a shopping spree, a gambling spree, etc.? Can You do better than these relationships I have had?” Within minutes, watch Him answer that prayer! He will come in with ways of escape and jewels that are far better! He is better than that false friend called food! This is the motivation. You will see that He is the Genius; He is beyond brilliant; He is beyond personal. There is a relationship with God and an adoration of Jesus Christ, His Son, and it is real, and it is far better being in tune with the Creator who has more capital, more power, and better perks than anything else out there! Redirect your want for food over to a want for God and this new life.

THERE IS HOPE! Remember, whatever your main focus is— that is what your heart falls in love with. Christ said that if we loved him, we would obey him. We love what we obey; we obey what we love. Christ loved and obeyed God! You CAN change your focus to God, to Jesus Christ, to His Kingdom, to His church, to the needs of the Saints. Notice that none of the focus is on yourself but on God and others. This is so important to God that He uses this to miraculously and inexplicably transform you into a whole new creation. You wake up one day and notice you have not thought about the food for hours but you are praying all the time. It is called The Transfer.


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