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April 19, 2023
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Why Diets will Never Work, Part I
April 21, 2023

Man-Made Rules Do Not Work

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There are many reading this post whose dependency or unwanted habit is a substance other than food. If you will notice, somehow, someway, the dark lord of this world has worked in man-made regulations for cures in every generation that range from bloodletting using leeches to inversion therapy—hanging upside down. Man has had many a godless remedy for centuries. They will never stop…a patch on the arm for nicotine, rehab units for alcoholics and anorexics, support groups, acupuncture, hypnosis, medications, replacing your stronghold with another one, etc. In WeighDown, we spend the bulk of our time on diet rules that do not work because it is an easy analogy, but it can be easily extrapolated for any condition. Just identify your indulgence and the man-made rules you have tried in the past to stop, and then read the following.

You have tried diets all your life, and they have not worked. What does this tell you? In fact, you are anything but free from the desire to eat tonight, and this is from years of dieting. Indeed, had you never dieted, I wonder if you would still have this issue with food. Why are diets so bad? Man-made diet rules are the number one prescribed remedy for obesity for the last 50 to 60 years. Yet, diets have cost us much—billions each year—and have only exacerbated the problem of overeating in this country more than any protocol ever advised—indeed, this country is now at 70 percent overweight or obese. The community is starting to recognize that diets do not work, but they do not have an answer. Baffled, the scientists call it an epidemic. A malady is called an epidemic when it is a widespread problem with no solution. Though the scientific world cannot see the answer, there is an explanation and a solution when you humble yourself and turn to the Master Mind who masterminded our complex bodies.

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