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April 29, 2023
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May 2, 2023

Letting Go of Control

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Turning to God means that you are letting go of your control. In the past, you decided what you were going to eat and when you were going to eat it and when you were going to shop and what you were going to buy—and when you were going to say something and whatever it was you wanted to say, and you did not care about what anyone thought.

When you come to True Christianity, you turn your focus and devotion up to God first and foremost every hour of the day. You are not just coming to Him and saying a prayer when you are eight years old and then running along and living the rest of your life with- out Him. We are talking about turning to God with a permanent minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour dependency. Your whole head position changes. Your knees bend. You are crying out to God for direction on when to eat and when not to eat. There is an internal control. Then you are crying out to God when you are shopping, or when you need the right words to say. You are crying out to God during the tests that He gives, which are frequent. This is a relationship that delights in “holy fear,” the respect of the living God—where, like Christ, we say… “not my will but Thine be done.” It is submitting to the authority over you. In this country, this idea is upside down, and those above do not realize it, but they are cowering to those below them—the boss is afraid of the employee suing him, the husband does not want to upset his wife, the parents do not want to run the children off, the youngest siblings get their way over the older ones because we do not want them to throw a tantrum, etc.

If you are under authority with God or His God-given leaders, you do not know where or when your authority will have you go, or when or what you are going to eat, but the peace that comes from connecting to your God, to your authority, is wonderful! You are walking in the Spirit.

Most people have been taught to not trust authorities. However, observe all the naturally Thin Eaters and the naturally thin children, and even all the animals in the wild. None of them have extra weight on them. There is nothing to fear about God’s way.


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