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February 28, 2023
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March 2, 2023

How to Recognize Head Hunger

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Once you begin to wait for true physiological hunger, you discover that there is another feeling of hunger. It is your own “I am not hungry, but I want it anyway” will. We will call this head hunger, sensual desires, or greed. This desire is beyond what the Heavenly Father wants for you, and it is a fixation on a sensation of “it tastes good.” Many drives can feed this behavior over the years. It seems to fill up time and end boredom. It is the learned habit that popcorn must go with a movie—even if you are not hungry.

The more we control when we eat, what we feed ourselves, and please our own desires, the stronger the desire eating is. The reverse is also true… the more we wait on God, look to God, please God— the less we will please ourselves, and the head hunger will die! But for most who thought they needed to diet, desire eating has grown so over the years that it might even have turned into a ravenous, head- strong, willful, and self-loving monster. It feels like a magnetic force to the refrigerator that controls you rather than you controlling it.

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