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A Practical Tip to End Emotional Eating
March 7, 2023
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More Tips for Slowing Down
March 9, 2023

Helpful Tips for Slowing Down

Here are some helpful tips for slowing down so you can sense God’s lead during the meal:

  • Always pray for God to help you slow down, and watch what happens. It will amaze you!
  • Stop in the middle of your meal for one to two minutes. Give the food time to hit the bloodstream and really satisfy your hunger.
  • Try drinking two ounces of orange juice or another sweet beverage before you start. If you feel ravenous and too hungry, you may be afraid that you will never stop! By drinking a couple of ounces of juice before eating, you will quickly bring the blood sugar up enough to give you a calming effect that will allow you to approach the food with more control. This has helped some people.
  • Look up from food; do not stare at your plate. Enjoy the company. Have you ever been at a dinner where all you saw was the top of people’s heads as they had their faces buried in their plates? It shows a lot of love and affection for that plate of food. Do not worship the plate of food! Sit up, talk to the people you are with, carry on some polite dinner conversation, and ask the kids how their day was at school. That is the very essence of the family dinner, to have the opportunity to spend time together interacting.

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