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How to Turn to God Instead of the Food
March 6, 2023
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March 8, 2023

A Practical Tip to End Emotional Eating

Weigh Down Works

One practical thing to do with desire eating is to talk to the food and tell it that you are not going to answer to it anymore. You will not obey it when it calls your name from the kitchen cabinets or refrigerator!

Do not be afraid of running to God. He is your Father! And He has the finest personality. I could not describe to you a richer, more powerful, just, and moral Being.

I am really excited for what is ahead for you! One day, after your normal lunchtime, you will suddenly realize that you have not even thought about food because your stomach has not signaled you to eat. Congratulations! Stomach hunger, rather than head hunger (or desire eating), is beginning to control your eating! And you will also discover that you are beginning to feel closer to your Father. The transfer is underway!


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