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What about Exercise?
May 30, 2023
Weigh Down Works
What about Breads and Carbohydrates?
June 1, 2023

Exercise and Weight Loss

Weigh Down Works

Exercise will not increase the speed of your weight loss, because, when using hunger and fullness, the body already knows how much energy you spent and it will ask for more food. Notice in exercise, your body needs more oxygen, so immediately and automatically, you breathe harder. Exercise will also make you thirstier; the body requires more water to satisfy its needs, so you will automatically drink more water until those needs are met. Likewise, even though hunger is deferred temporarily, within 24 hours, your body’s hunger increases automatically to cover the body’s extra caloric needs. So if you want to exercise, fine, but exercise will not help you to lose weight faster. It will allow you to eat more food, just as it allows you to drink more water. The goal of WeighDown is to become accustomed to the decreased volumes of food. If you are less active because of an inability to exercise, your hunger will decrease to meet your fuel needs. You never have to fear missing an aerobics class or workout again. If you do choose to exercise, use this time to listen to your WeighDown audios. Also remember, be moderate in everything, including exercise, and know that some of the best aerobics are cleaning the house and doing yard work. Scrubbing, vacuuming, pulling weeds, and organizing closets benefits the whole family and still benefits you.


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