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Helpful Tips for Slowing Down
March 8, 2023
Weigh Down Works
Additional Eating Tips for Slowing Down
March 10, 2023

More Tips for Slowing Down

Weigh Down Works

We talked about a few helpful tips for slowing down yesterday. Here are a few more that you can put into practice as well:

  • Use a fork or utensil, and cut up the food between each bite. It is a lot neater, and you will be able to make the bites smaller. That will slow you down.
  • Sip between bites. This will give you time between each bite and keep you from packing the next bite in on top of the one you have not finished savoring.
  • Take smaller bites. This will slow you down, and the pie will not be gone in four bites. Again, as we mentioned before with the forks, it will allow you to savor the food longer. One of the easiest ways to take smaller bites is to break up the food. For ex- ample, you can break chips or cookies into smaller bites rather than popping a whole one in your mouth. Again, try cutting up sandwiches and pizza.
  • Get the food out of your sight when you even suspect you are comfortably gratified. Cover up the plate with your napkin, push the plate an arm’s length away, or better yet, leave the table and go into another room and pray for God to remove the desire to eat another bite. Give Him a few minutes, and He will answer the prayer. Sometimes He will answer before you finish your prayer. He is able to rescue you.

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